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A Glass A Day Could Help You Beat Breast Cancer

- Cancer is running rampant in the population today with a wide variety of cancers considered to be as common as the common cold. Some are very curable and some are determined to be not treatable.

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If you were given a choice of what cancer to have, it should be something along the lines of maybe breast cancer, simply because of the ease in diagnosing this form of cancer early. Anyone can easily take the necessary steps to reduce the risks associated with breast cancer like routine doctor visits that are very good at detecting this illness in its early stages, thus making is very manageable and lifesaving.

Under wire bras and antiperspirant use has for years been blamed as some of the causes for breast cancer, however there is no definite medical or scientific proof of this being true. Research now suggests that no one really knows what the breast cancer causing reasons actually are and most of the speculation is merely rumors. Don't no longer promote self examination, nor are they totally against it. Doing a self examination just makes more common sense and makes the individual more aware of tissue inconsistencies that they can discuss with their physician who might want to do further tests. These inconsistencies in now way is a sign that breast cancer is present and no reason to panic.

A early detection procedure that is preformed and is considered the best way to find out if there is cancer present or any concerns are potentially cancerous is a mammogram. This test is recommended for all women, but especially for women 40 years and older and women of any age if other members of their family have dealt with a cancer saga. Women have voiced their concerns about being over exposed to radiation that is emitted by the procedures. Addressing these concerns, doctors have repeated reassured that the low levels of radiation is not only acceptable but is more beneficial for the test results than not having the procedures done.

Encrypting your link and protect the link from viruses, malware, thief, etc! Made your link safe to visit.

Quotes from the experts suggest that one drink a day can help reduce the breast cancer risks in women and most will admit that this is fine as long as the drinks don't multiply and get out of hand which can be very detrimental to a woman's health and actually have no rewarding benefits. A glass of alcohol is not the only drink that experts suggest to help improve a woman's health. A glass of orange juice, rich in folic acid is a really good choice to help fight breast cancer.